Our booking office is situated in the Brauhaus Arcade, one of the busiest foot traffic areas in the centre of Swakopmund’s bustling Central Business District.  We offer numerous services from our rustic, yet tastefully decorated shop, ranging from simple advice of how to find the best coffee in town, to booking a complete selfdrive package!  Our booking services include the following:

We can book all your accommodation in Namibia as well as some neighbouring countries.  As we are bus-allergic, we usually try to find small, personal lodges and guestfarms off the beaten track.  Of course, we also offer lodges which are simply the best in what they do even if it sometimes means mingling with bigger crowds.  We always ask our clients for feedback as well as offering our own to the lodges, so that we can be sure to book only those places we feel are the best value for our clients!

From small sedan vehicles to 4x4 offroaders to 14 seater Quantum buses, we can provide the vehicle to best suit your needs and budget.  With certain vehicle types,  camping equipment with extras such as electric fridge and satellite telephone, etc can be included in your hire.  You give us your specifications regarding what you need and what insurance coverage you would like, and leave the rest to us.

We can offer you advice and bookings for all of the activities in Namibia.  If something has caught your interest, but you are not sure where to find it or how to book it, let us know and we can do the local research for you.

Since we are based on the coast, we have provided a brief description of those activities available in and around Swakopmund/Walvis Bay:

Living Desert Tour:
Another very popular tour driving just about 30 km into the dune belt south of Swakopmund in search of the fascinating life living in this arid region.  Geckos, skinks, snakes, spiders, scorpions and chameleons can be found as well as a wealth of information about the region learnt.  The tours last about 5 hours and are only offered in the morning.

Namib Desert Day Tours:
We offer various options for tours ranging from 3 hours to 5 hours (or longer if desired).  Areas covered include the moonlandscape, Swakop and Khan riverbeds.  Learn more about the miraculous desert flora including the welwitschia mirabilis, the varied geology in these riverbeds, the history of the indigenous people who lived in this area and see if you can spot the local fauna (springbok, ostrich, klipspringers, jackals, etc).  We can even arrange day trips to the spectacular Spitzkopje mountains just over an hour away from Swakopmund.  Great for photography early in the morning.

Marine Cruise:
These popular 3½ - 4 hour morning cruises are offered either by boat or catamaran and include a delicious brunch of fresh oysters, champagne, snacks and refreshments.  Close encounters with seals onboard as well as sightings of dolphins are almost guaranteed.  Whales,  mola mola and turtles are seen less frequently and are seasonal.

Sandwich Harbour:
These full day tours start in Swakopmund and take you past the Walvis Bay lagoon, through the Kuiseb delta, and then further into the incredible Sandwich Harbour, where high dunes of the Namib melt into the Atlantic ocean.  See an incredible array of birdlife, fauna and flora and learn about the history of the area including that of the Topnaar peoples (a community descended from the !Khoi).  The route takes you one way along the beach and the other across the dunes for an exhilirating but safe drive.  A picnic lunch is included.  This tour can also be shortened to half day, or combined with a marine cruise.

Shore or Boat Fishing:
For fishing enthusiasts, the seas off Namibia’s desert shores offers a variety of fish and shark dependent on the season.  Try your luck with either fishing from the beaches (including sharks) or from the motorized boats.  Tackle and lunch provided.

Desert or Beach Dining:
Usually arranged for bigger groups, but can be arranged for smaller groups too.  Enjoy a delicious gourmet meal set in scenery unlike any restaurant could offer.  Options include a beach breakfast, crayfish, seafood or finger lunches, sundowners, and dinners set either on the beach or in the desert.  Combinations with a fishing outing followed by a dinner on the beach can also be arranged.

Discover the bay area on a kayak – from novice to experienced paddler, this activity is a superfun way to see seals, dolphins and perhaps even whales up close, while enjoying the invigorating sea air under your own steam.  This tour includes a transfer from Swakopmund where one already learns about about the environment enroute to the starting point.

Horse or Camel riding:
If you are looking for an alternate to explore the desert area just outside of Swakopmund or Walvis Bay, then going on a horseback ride may be just the thing.  One can get much closer to the game in the area by horseback than with a car or even on foot.  It is also good exercise and no prior experience is necessary.  Camel rides are also available.

Experience the dune belt between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay by quadbike or 2 seater rhino buggies.  Tours are various lengths, and are all guided on marked routes.  Levels range from beginner to advanced, so fun for all.  For those who would like a sedate and educational experience, we recommend the historian quadbike tour in the Kuiseb delta.  Here you can learn about Topnaar history, and discover various plants and animal species in this area.

A different experience to snowboarding, sandboarding can be done either on a lie-down board (keep your mouth closed and the board up!) or for those more adventurous, on a standup board.  For the most daring, you can even jump a ramp.

Tandem Skydiving:
For a pure adrenaline rush and the most spectacular view of Swakopmund, you could try tandem skydiving.  Fall from 10000 feet (3000m) strapped to an experienced tandem master (the safest method of skydiving).  After a 35 second freefall, the parachute opens and after 5 minutes or so, you land safely back on the ground.  A truly exhilirating experience!

For motor enthusiasts, try out go-karting!  Race around a track to beat your own best time or take part in a tournament.

Scenic Flights:
A variety of options exist for scenic flights, but the most popular is the flight covering the dune belt and desert area to the south of Swakopmund, as far as Sossusvlei and then back along the famous Skeleton Coast with its shipwrecks.  Sandwich Harbour can also be seen along this route.  These flights are offered in 5 seater airplanes, but helicopter flights are now also available at the coast.

Hot Air Ballooning:
Enjoy an early morning 1 hour bird’s eye view flight over the Namib Desert and coastal dune belt followed by a champagne breakfast.  Flights and routes are weather dependent.

Township Tours:
See firsthand what life is like in the townships around Swakopmund on a 2-3 hour tour.  Learn about the history of the townships, understand the different cultures (mainly Herero, Owambo, Damara and Nama) who inhabit this area, as well as learn about their traditional dress, visit various points of interest, see the children dancing and taste the local cuisine.

Ondjamba Safaris booking office will also gladly assist with recommendations for the local cuisine, both here in Swakopmund as well as in neighbouring Walvis Bay.  For detailed reviews of these restaurants, as well as many of the activities listed here,  please visit the Leisure Times website at www.leisuretimes.in.na

Should you need any regional flights booked between Namibia and South Africa, Botswana, Angola or Zimbabwe, we can gladly arrange this for you in combination with accommodation and/or carhire bookings.

To check availability or book any of these activities ahead of your arrival, please complete our enquiry form on the contact us link.

If you are in Swakopmund, please feel free to drop by our office to meet us in person!  We can help you with any booking locally or just chat about ideas for your next Namibia or southern African vacation!



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