Our safaris and tours are tailor-made to suit your main interests, budget and time frame.  Finished example routes with costs are also available on request and can again be further tailor-made.

Our safaris and tours are always conducted with a personal touch, and are mostly booked by a family or a group of close friends. Seldom do we mix groups, and then only with the permission of the first booked client (in order, for example, to share some of the costs). We use fully equipped 4x4 vehicles converted into special safari vehicles.  We are well equipped with large dome tents, comfortable bedrolls and much more. As we travel mostly into more remote areas, two to three cars would, of course, be ideal. This is partly for safety reasons, but also to help distribute the heavy weight of the equipment and luggage. With 2-3 guests we take only one car. The ideal group consists of 6 guests, and not more than 10. We provide 3 good meals per day. Also included are the refreshments in the day, and the alcoholic drinks at night on camping days, based on your wishes. We also have experience in handling handicapped people on safari, e.g. in wheelchairs.

For the person who would like to experience Namibia like most Namibians do, you can choose the participation camping safari.  This basically means that you will be helping with some of the camp set up and meal preparations, etc.  When planning the route, one must take into account that enough time is allocated each day to setting up and taking down camp while there is daylight available.  This does shorten the amount of time one can spend just photographing and enjoying leisurely drives, especially if distances between one campsite and the next are great.  We will work carefully with you though to plan the route as advantageously as possible. 

Our premium camping safari allows our guests the maximum amount of time with our guide to explore and photograph nature.  A backup vehicle with driver and camp assistant will take care of setting up and taking down the camp as well as preparing the meals.  This is especially advantageous during the winter months when the daylight hours are shorter.  For 2 persons preferring a premium safari, we can take along a camp assistant in the same vehicle.

Grootberg LodgeA lodging safari does not include any bushcamping.  All overnighting is provided at lodges, which we carefully select and book for you.  We can still take you on day trips to some of our specialties such as desert elephant and Himba.  For example, if overnighting at Fort Sesfontein Lodge, we can enjoy a daytrip into the Hoanib River in search of the desert elephant and other game.

Ideal are the combinations of tenting and lodging, subject to the given route. This way you can explore deeper into remote areas, and still have the luxury of a lodge every other day.


Dieter, Dongina, Dione and Dana visited the southwestern part of the Kaokoland for the first time in August 1978, shortly after the Kaokoland was opened to the public. Since then, Dieter has traveled all over Kaokoland many times, but his fascination for the landscape, and the abundance of game living there, always draws him back to southwestern Kaokoland and northwestern Damaraland. This is why he decided to promote mainly this classic safari - with success and happy customers!

Highlights on this safari:  In search of the desert-adapted elephants, lions, giraffe and black rhino, plus other free ranging game in their natural habitat, including breathtaking landscapes in the more remote western areas of Kaokoland and Damaraland.  Some of our routes are lesser known, and we see more game than vehicles. Our aim is to find the “Desert Four” while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The emphasis is more on quality time instead of long-driving days trying to cover the whole of northwest Namibia in one go.

The finished product includes 1 night at Grootberg Lodge, 3 nights in Puros, 2 nights in the Hoanib, 2 nights in the western Palmwag Concession, 1 night at Camp Kipwe or Mowani Mountain Lodge, then the transfer day.  In other words, 7 camping nights, one lodging night each before and after the camping, and 1 transfer day, i.e. 10 days in total.

Again we can tailor-make this finished product, if you prefer to swap some camping nights with lodge nights, e.g. at Puros, or you want to lengthen the safari. Start and end is in Swakopmund, but can also be from Windhoek or elsewhere.

Contact us for our detailed itinerary with costs.



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