We now also offer short tours starting in Swakopmund. These are ideal for self-drivers, or guests staying longer in Swakopmund. Again we picked routes and places that are not so easy to do as a self-driver or where perhaps you would want a richer experience than a guide book can offer. You can plan these in to your own itinerary for your next visit to Swakopmund. For example:


Cape Cross LodgeA highlight of this lodge tour, with 1 overnight in the Cape Cross Lodge, includes the amazing desert flora and landscape in the Messum Crater area.

We spend the morning exploring the huge Messum Crater with its variety of colourful lichens, bushman’s candles, euphorbia damarana & virosa, dollar bush, aloe and the endemic welwitschia mirabilis. The desert landscape inside the crater reminds you of a lunar landscape. The various tones of orange, red, beige, grey and black make an excellent photo. Here you find black volcanic rock sandblasted into surreal shapes, and covered by colourful lichens. Near the inselberg Bakkrans, you can discover an archaeological site with ancient wind shelters and rock art. Messum Crater areaWe prepare a tasty lunch for you, while you can absorb this quiet and serene landscape. Guests often seem to ‚feel’ the spirits of this unique place. Desert creatures like gecko, beetles, lizards, chameleon, and the occasional springbok, are also found here. The history of the Messum Crater is of great geological interest. The crater was part of the Etendeka lava system well over 120 million years ago. The first continental break-up of the supercontinent Gondwanaland occured on this coastline west of the Brandberg Mountain.

We leave the crater and follow the dry riverbed of the Messum River towards the coast. Here you find a huge concentration of Namibia’s famous welwitschia mirabilis, some well over 1,000 years old. Further down the river you can photograph the spectacular sandstone conglomerates of the Messum River Terraces.

Cape Cross Lodge balconyseal colony at Cape CrossWe then book into the Cape Cross Lodge right on the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Again it is a good place to go for a relaxing stroll, as you work up an appetite for a delicious meal. After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, we visit the nearby seal colony at Cape Cross. We should be back in Swakopmund by noon.

Other short safaris include 1-2 nights lodging to search of the desert elephant in the Huab area, then back via lesser know tracks past the Mikberg to Swakopmund. Or 1-2 nights lodging on small desert farms, ideal for hiking amidst beautiful and serene landscape. Or on request, 1 night bush camping e.g. at the Spitzkoppe to do hiking, or at the Blutkoppe or Ganab inside the Namib-Naukluft Park to do stargazing. More information is available on request.



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