Ondjamba Safaris is passionate about conservation.  We believe that Namibia's landscapes and wildlife should not only be enjoyed by today's people, but that it should be preserved for future generations as well.  young elephants playingCan you imagine a world where your grandchildren read about the amazing desert elephant in a book without ever being able to experience their true magnificence in that world?  We can't.  Our eco-styled safaris are therefore always structured with the highest respect for nature.  For that reason we only work with those who share our ideals.

As the territories available for wildlife are reduced by ever encroaching human settlements, the conflict between these two groups increases.  It is in some of these harshest areas in the country, where water is at a minimum and a living can barely be eked out, that a compromise has been found to help these communities survive while still protecting the local wildlife.  This happens to be in our beloved Kaokoland and Damaraland in the form of specialized 5 day/4 night safaris.

The services of internationally acclaimed specialists have been secured for these safaris to give you an insight into their world and to give you a real hands on experience in the day-to-day running of their projects.  Much of the proceeds from these safaris provide an income to the local conservancies.  There are 4 tours on offer:

Desert Lion Safari with Dr Phillip Stander
Dr Phillip (“Flip”) Stander and Desert Lion Conservation are trying to find real solutions for the human/lion conflict which inevitably arises when they share the same area and resources.  On this tour you will accompany Dr Stander on his daily mission to learn more about these amazing predators, searching for them way off the beaten track, perhaps to add or replace a collar, or to collect the latest data.  Or you may even follow along as he endeavours to sort out human/lion conflicts as they happen.  A truly exhilirating experience.

Kaokoland chameleonKaokoland Naturally with Steve Braine
Steve Braine has a love and passion for the bush and is recognized as one of Namibia’s top naturalists.  He guides specialized ornithological tours, has an in-depth knowledge of the larger mammals, but his special interest is in the reptiles and smaller creatures which often go unnoticed.  Join him as he explores the Etendeka Mountains and into the Orupembe conservancy in search of these specialized creatures.  A must for people interested in natural history.

Conservation and Culture with Garth Owen-Smith and Dr Margaret Jacobsohn
Join Garth Owen-Smith and Dr Margaret Jacobsohn, conservationist and anthropologist, as they take you into the Kaokoland (now Kunene Region), to learn more about this fascinating area and its local communities.  After years of experience in their own field, Garth and Margie had a vision of communities forming part of the solution of conservation in these areas.  They formed the non-government organisation Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC) to facilitate and promote local ownership being restored to the communities, thereby helping to reduce the need for poaching.  Today IRDNC’s early pilot projects have grown into a government supported national Namibian conservancy program involving one in five rural Namibians. By 2009 communities had registered 55 conservancies and another 25 were in the process.  Join these legends on an intense journey into the heart and soul of Koakoveld.

Desert Elephant Project Safari with Dr Keith Leggett (only in 2010)
The Namibian Desert Dwelling Elephant Project has been underway for 8 years and focuses on the collecting and sharing of identification and monitoring data.  The primary aim is to improve the understanding of elephants in general in the target area and to include this information into programmes for elephant management. Dr Keith Leggett will be returning to Australia for a position at research institute, but will be leading two of these fascinating safaris in 2010.  Again you can learn about these amazing giants and how the local population has learnt to live with them.

The tours take place on SCHEDULED DEPARTURE DATES in 2010 as follows:





7 – 11 June

3 – 7 August

9 – 13 February

25 – 29 September

7 – 11 September

15 – 19 November

21 – 25 May

12 – 16 October

17 – 21 October


26 – 30 November


20 - 24 November




These tours can be built into one of our own tours, or even into a self-drive itinerary which we can plan accordingly for you.

Please contact us for more information and prices.



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