Dieter Risser has travelled throughout Namibia and neighbouring countries for many years.  His passion for the more remote areas, beautiful landscape, free-ranging wildlife, as well as his liking for smaller guest farms and lodges which offer a personal touch, has made Ondjamba Safaris a specialist in exactly that.  His guests joke about his aversion to buses and the same old tramped routes that mass tourism treads in Namibia.  Using this wealth of experience and intimate knowledge of the region, Ondjamba Safaris, a registered Namibian Tourism Board booking office, can offer a Namibian dream vacation for selfdrivers off the beaten track.  The same applies to neighbouring countries such as Botswana.

Our “Arrive & Drive” concept takes the hassle out of your holiday planning at no additional cost to you.  Based on your initial requested highlights, we will plan a tailor-made route for your perusal.  Once you are satisfied with our suggestions for your itinerary and your flight details are fixed, we will take care of all the bookings from accommodation, vehicles, activities, to regional flights.  This saves you from having to contact, book and pay each of these providers yourself, thereby saving you much time, frustration and probably money in arranging your holiday from far away.  Instead, you have one place to contact, and one place to pay.  Our service is at no charge to you, as we earn commission from the vendors by making these bookings for you.  The rates offered directly to the public already include this commission, so you would not be paying more than if you had booked yourself.

Another advantage of having someone on the ground help organize your selfdrive tour for you, is that you gain from local know-how as well as numerous tips based on your route.  Sometimes the little details are the most important key to a memorable journey.  Also included in our service, is a welcome packet with a day to day route description including approx driving time and kilometers, booking vouchers for accommodation and activities, maps, brochures, useful tips and other pertinent information.

As we are also a fully registered safari and tour operator, we can even include a guided safari or guided self-drive safari built into your selfdrive itinerary.  The idea here allows you to include areas, which self-drivers normally wouldn’t or couldn’t travel on their own.  Examples include the more remote regions of Kaokoland in search of the “Desert Four” (the desert adapted Elephant, Rhino, Lion and Giraffe), Western Etosha (only Namibian registered tour operators allowed), etc.  You can add as many or few days as suit your budget and timeframe.

In summation, “Arrive & Drive” offers you:

  • Complete planning and booking of your selfdrive tour on tailormade basis
  • Local know-how and tips
  • Smaller lodges off the beaten track with value for money
  • Reliable Car Hire Companies and Activity Operators
  • No extra cost, but much less hassle
  • One place to contact, one place to pay
  • Welcome packet with all your vacation information
  • Option to include a short guided safari in your itinerary
On request, we can send you more information and also examples of some finished tailormade tours with costs.  These can naturally be tailormade to your personal preferences.


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