Namibia is a paradise for self-drivers. The roads are well sign-boarded and, because of the numbering system, easily found on most maps of Namibia. Good travel and accommodation guidebooks are readily available.

We have, however, more and more enquiries from adventurous self-drivers, who want to discover regions off the beaten track, like ours, in areas that are sensitive and pristine.  The emphasis must be placed on the need to preserve them, and this reason, along with the fact that these places are not easy to find without an experienced guide, is the basis for guided self-drive safaris.  You can plan this guided part into your own itinerary and let us know where we should meet you. As we know that the desert elephant and desert lion dislike large convoys of vehicles, we only take groups of 1 – 3 vehicles into these areas. The western Etosha permit allows only a maximum of 2 cars - this includes the guide’s vehicle. Our routes are not dangerous to drive and can be managed even by less experienced 4x4 drivers – especially when equipped with two-way radios.

We can hire one or more 4x4 vehicle/s with or without equipment for you. You can bring your own supply of food, drinks and equipment, or we can provide any of these on request, in which case we shall submit a quotation accordingly. The hire of two-way radios for each vehicle is optional, but highly recommended.


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